Philipp Schill
My name is Philipp and I live in Stuttgart. I am taking photos since I am 10 years old. Admittedly, at this time, my hobby was limited to snapping family photos with my father's analog SLR camera, but the foundation was laid. For a long time it was because of other interests that I only took pictures with small format cameras. Nevertheless, the ambition for the right motive has always been lain dormant in me.
Since 4 years now I have expanded my hobby and now I am passionate about photography and I love spending a lot of time on taking pictures. The camera is a constant companion on my travels and tours. My focus is on landscape and architecture. If it allows my free time, I am also out at night for taking night shots. If I am asked for weddings or portraits, it is also a nice alternative for me.
I always look forward to a personal note or feedback.
Philipp at work :)
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